Post 187. I’m back- I think


I have been putting this moment off for three years.  Just in the past five minutes I have deleted this sentence at least six times.  Questioning and doubting.  I am also very aware of what’s coming if I start this again.

I need to get into my photo albums, diaries and scrappy script to add details of the past seventeen years to it (2000-2017).

I am going to need to be disciplined and creative and my memory is going to have to be shaken to it’s core.

Many of the events of the past seventeen years in Delhi have been painful.   I’m not sure I want to re-visit them or put them down for others to read but I will aim to do this slowly and with wisdom. These years have also been among our happiest.  It’s been quite a roller coaster ride.

So, my last and final excuse is that when it comes to writing,  I am lazy and need some major motivation.  I have recently had some lovely comments about my blog being inspiring and helpful, so I will start again.

Tony and I are leaving Delhi soon to start another community from scratch; for the first time without our kids.

Asha, Zoe and Jordan were 12, 11 and 5 when you last read about them.  It was the year 2000 and we had just moved to Delhi.  They are grown ups now. They are all married and we have two grandchildren.   It has been our greatest happiness to have them all within walking distance of our house in Delhi. I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

We are moving to Nagaland (Far North East India). The internet there can be quite unreliable and I’m not sure how often I will be able to post my posts.  Probably not every day. It may be erratic- so to you ladies who sat down with your cup of coffee and my blog every morning- you may be disappointed 🙂

I am learning (and I’m a slow learner) that if anything needs to be done, I need to do it, otherwise it won’t get done.  Profound, I know.

Thank you for following my story.  I hope I can keep it addictive and interesting and inspiring.  I love knowing who is reading and what you are thinking, so please let this be a two way thing ok?  I need all the encouragement and inspiration I can get 🙂IMG_0292

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  1. Oh my word! You just made my day! I can’t believe that three years has passed since your blog used to arrive on my computer first thing in the morning, and I was able to immerse myself in your adventure-filled life before starting my day. There was such a void when you decided to take a break and I am so glad that you are back. Funny, just the other day, I was wondering about you and how things are going so I am really going to enjoy finding out.

    Wendy Grant

      • No pressure, Linda! You write so well, you have to enjoy writing as much as we enjoy reading. I hope you publish your memoir some day…..

  2. Lin I agree with Wendy you need to write a memoir….have fun writing friend you have such a gift of words and encouragement for others……go for it!!!

  3. hi Linda, reading your blog for the 1st time! I can’t wait to start reading it backwards. Keep them coming and hope to see you in Geneva or Nagaland, wherever comes first!

  4. Yay!! I am so glad you are back! I love your writing, am.inspired by your adventures and your tenacity and love that your family is so amazing. Xxx

  5. Oh NO we are ALL 3 years older…..EISH!! Thanks for the reminder, although there is no doubt each morning as the bones creak whilst “getting started”. Looking forward to sharing your journey again Linda.

  6. Third time I am trying to post. Yay loved you blogging. You and Tony are an inspiration to us, we always wanted to visit maybe we will make it to Nagaland. It’s difficult for me as I am beginning to feel that empty nest following your journey might be just what I need love you guys

  7. Yay I loved reading your blog. You and Tony are such an inspiration. We always wanted to come visit,maybe now we will make it to Nagaland. Starting to feel that empty nest maybe your blog will be just what I need , love you guys

  8. Welcome back from Durban. I have often wondered how you are all doing and have missed reading more of your journey. I played badminton in my early 20s with your folks and we had a few end of year badminton parties at your home. Looking forward to following you and good luck in your relocation.

  9. Dearest aunty Linda, The memories you jot down are so precious and I read some till I got distracted with my little joy. The Lord has blessed you with a heart to write and inspire people and so must you continue. I will revisit your blog and read them all. You have known me and my family since we were babies, even though I don’t remember a lot of it I still have short memories of your girls and me playing at your house. You are amazing and theLord is doing major things through you and your family. My family will keep you all in our prayers.

    “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thes 5:11

    Looking forward to reading your blog and hearing of what the Lord has in store for you in this new phase of life.

    Prayers and love Barkha Sent from my iPhone


  10. Grateful. Grateful that you back. Grateful that you sharing this incredible journey. Grateful for this new season where He is taking you. Grateful for our friendship. Grateful because we know that He is more than enough. Grateful.

    • Leons- I am so grateful that you have been on this journey with us every step of the way. You and Terry are part of our past, present and future. Thank you.

  11. Hey Cuzzie. Can’t wait to read more about all your adventures. Sending lots of Love to you both on your new venture xxxKaren

  12. Thanks for writing about your life experiences
    I stumbled upon your blog while looking up places in Mussoorie
    Got quite captivated by your writing and now I look forward to your posts

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