Post 95. Laughing with Ali



Alison was 20 and had quite a story to tell.  She wanted to be in India and help us in whatever way we needed help.   She moved in with us until she found her own place and  became my friend and little sister.   We really needed help with our music files and she played keyboard and loved to worship.  Tony appreciated her being the second member of our worship team.

When she was writing to us, she sent a photo of herself.  Jason was staying with us for a few days so I showed it to him.  He smiled and said, “Oh, maybe I should stay a little bit longer.”   On the first Sunday Ali was with us, I saw them talking to each other and I nudged Tony.   We knew something was going to happen.  Jason left soon after that.  A few days later, Ali and I were chatting and I casually asked her what she thought of him.  She calmly replied that he was “a nice guy, nothing more than that.”   I was sitting up on the rock the next day and Ali came up and sat next to me.  It looked as if she had been crying all night.  Her first words were, “Lin, I lied to you and I am so sorry.”  I couldn’t even imagine what she meant.  Then it all came out.   I found it all so funny.

She told me that a year earlier, Dudley Reed had shown the slides of his trip to India in her church.  There was a slide of Jason.  The minute she saw it, God told her he would be her husband.  She didn’t tell anyone about it.  When Jason left she didn’t know how or when she would see him again.

Letters from Ireland started arriving but Jason wasn’t showing any signs of commitment.  Ali needed to know what was going on.  Tony gave him a call and asked him what he was thinking and revved him up a bit.  He was just being cautious; very cautious.  Things started moving a bit and we were relieved that he was at least making some moves.

She moved into a little flat up the road from us.  It was just four steps up off the road.  The only place she had to hang her washing up was on the railing on her little veranda.  She would often find cows walking down the road with her underwear in their mouths.

One evening Ali and I were in our kitchen making tea.  It was Diwali and we were commenting about how nice and quiet it was at our place.  All the fireworks were going off higher up the mountain.  As I touched the switch on the kettle, someone threw a huge “bomb” under our house.  It was so loud.  We jumped off the ground and screamed and screamed.  We looked at each other as if we were surprised to still be alive.  We collapsed on the kitchen floor and laughed until we thought we would die.

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I was born in Durban 59 years ago and lived all my teenage life there. I have travelled extensively, seen many parts of the world and have settled with the fact that India is the best place to be. My husband, Tony and I have lived here for 26 years with our three children and it's just the beginning.. . My dream has come true. It has been a lengthy process but I am now a naturalised Indian Citizen. This is our story from beginning to .....

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