Post 146. The big trip to visit friends


From my journal: Jan 1997

Last day in Jaisalmer: Tony took the girls to the fort to get our cotton pants sewn up.  The crotches all ripped during the safari.

Gazi’s jeep took us to the bus bound for Jodhpur.  Jordan has been so good with all the travelling.  He has missed meals but complained very little.  He’s been sleeping a lot on the bus and train rides.  There have been times when he has been overtired and got very wound up.  Ash and Zo have been great.  The “luxury” buses have been jammed packed.  Sometimes two people on a seat and all down the aisle. 

Arrived in Jodhpur.  Gazi had organised a hotel for us.  No charge.  We had amazing pizzas and other delicious goodies.  Walked across to the railway station at 9.30am the next day to catch a train to Udaipur.  1st class made such a difference.  Slept well on wide berths and there was even a door.  Dog train- stopped at every station.  It was so slow. Jordan had chronic diahorrea in the morning.

In Udaipur we were met by Anis,  Gazi’s cousin and taken to his hotel.  Nice room and food.  Met the Cook family.  That was such a surprise.  Went shopping and looking around.  Got beautiful leather/fabric covered journals.  Such a beautiful view from the rooftops.  Jordan was VERY sick. Fever, no appetite, listless, sleeping a lot.  Poor thing.



A few days later -got on the train to Delhi.  Stayed with our friends Andries and Brenda and their children, Sarah and Simon for a few days. It was sad to say goodbye to Ben and Trace.  We had such fun with them.  Jordan better but still very lethargic.

Andries was out all day and got home late afternoon.  We asked him what he had done and his reply was, “I sent a fax.”  We laughed so much.  There were so many power cuts.


Nineteen-hour train trip to Nagpur, Central India was good.  Sunil picked us up in their jeep.  Drove four and a half hours to their home in Yavatmal.  So lovely to be with Pam, Rebekah, Anna and Jess.  Spent five days with them.  The girls got quite sick.  Jordan was still throwing up. 

Didn’t feel like another train ride, but got on an overnight one to Varanasi.   Jordan was back to normal so it was way more tiring this trip.  All over the carriage, asking for food, water, pens.  Not still for a minute. I’m not feeling too great.  Have been queasy for a few days.  A bit anxious I might be pregnant.

Ruth Benjamin (ex-Woodstock student) and her driver picked us up and drove us to Robertsganj.  Tony has been invited to share at a conference on their hospital compound.  Lovely to see Ruth again and meet her family.  We are being looked after so well.  Such delicious food and a beautiful compound.  We were able to watch a lens transplant performed on a 90 year old lady.  All manually done.  Incredible.  Also watched a caesarean section.  Wow.  They are doing such an amazing job here.  The peace of God is all over the compound.

Back to Varanasi for a few days.  Got a chronic throat infection and Jordan sick again.  Went on a boat down the Ganga.  So distressing to see people trying to wash their sins away.  Can’t wait to get home now. 

Another 27 hour train ride later arrived in Dehra Dun and got a taxi to Mussoorie.

What a trip! Rajasthan-Delhi-Varanasi-Robertsganj-Dehra Dun-Mussoorie.  Got home feeling quite wasted but happy we did it.  Tony on a bit of a downer.  Cranky and irritable; Wondering what we are doing here.  Comparing?  We’ll be fine.  Just tired I think. 

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