So, I was born in Durban and lived there until my early twenties. I then travelled to many parts of the world.  I have since settled that India is the place for me. It is here that Tony and I have been living for 21 years. Our daughters, Asha and Zoe were 3 and 2 when we arrived. They are now married and we are very happy grandparents. Our son Jordan was born here 18 years ago. If our kids did not love India the way we do, this Long and Winding Road would have been much longer and much wind-ier. This blog is for them.

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  1. Really enjoyed your stories. I was sort of friends with David and Gary Schwegmann.

    I lived in Cathcart road , would play cricket in the park with David , Andre Meintjes (11 Rolleston) , the Hendicotts and….and…and.

  2. Hi Lin, It is so, so good to see you back. I love your stories and have missed your blog during your “sabbatical”. We love you guys and regard you as some of the rarest and most honored friends. Many blessing with your restarting of your blog. Much love, DJ

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