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Post 110. Snakes and toss for brake fast



Hotal Midway

Scembled egg

Chocklate milksex, black crmant milksex, strawberry milksex





stair fried chiken

veg segwans rice

chinse dish



Indian and Chinise

Chilled bear

Child beer


Vegetavle petties

Brake fast : Snakes and toss

Chinese cousin


Egg means roti


Road Rules from Govt of India chart for learner’s licence: No exaggeration

Left hand turn: Extend you arm and rotate it in antiblockwise direction.

Which are the places the car should not be parked? Footh Path, pedestrain crossing, fire berigate.

Carry only one pillion rider : Not even one children to sit on stand in front of you.

Do not drive: Even tonics having alcohol contents.

How to slop quickly: The best way is to slop quickly is to drive slowly.

Driving at night: At higher speeds, the stoping distance exceed the seeing distance there by causing accidents.

Flashing Amber light: Slow doen out proceed with caution.

In case of accident? Given him medical attention and report the accident within 24 hour’s at the near of Police Station.

T-Intersection:  At T-Intersection the vehicle travelling on the road that ends must give way of to any vehicle travelling on the road, that continues.

I went for my Indian license in Goa.  I got into our jeep with Tony and the instructor.  I drove down a dusty road and got into third gear.  The guy told me to stop.  He got out and wrote down my number plate number.  Tony asked if there was a problem and he said, “Pick up your license in two days.”  That was it.

A friend of ours was really nervous about his learners test.  He learnt the booklet from cover to cover and asked us to pray for him.  When he was called in,  the guy held up a red cross and asked him what it was.  His answer was, “Hospital.”  The guy told him to pick up his license the next day.