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Post 186. Benediction aka Bye for now


So began the new Millennium; from the mountain heights of celebration to the valley of death.

There is just no knowing what is around the corner.  We live and we die.  We shout for joy and we weep with grief.  We feel invincible, then we feel vulnerable.  Life is good then life seems bad.  One day we are convinced that life is fair, the next day we are convinced it sucks.  We enjoy years of health, then one day we wake up not able to move.

We wobble and shake but somehow we keep standing.  We are devastated and then we laugh again.  We give up hope then we find it.  We are in the dark then we see a familiar light in the distance and we keep walking.  We put our confidence in man and are disappointed.  We build our lives on sand and things collapse around us.  We live for fleeting pleasures and realise how short-lived they are.

In all of the change one thing remains.  God.  The Good One.  The One who never changes.  The One who always knows better.  He is the steel in us.  The rock in us.  The foundation in us.  He is the concrete in us.

We may be stressed out, but we aren’t crushed.  We may not understand what is going on but we don’t despair of life.  We may be accused and attacked but we aren’t alone.  We may even be struck down with sickness or financial problems but they aren’t going to destroy us. (My take on 2 Cor 4:8-9)

The treasure in us is worth more than all this world can give.  We have a home.  A place far from here.  So, we keep hoping.  We keep loving.  We keep living.

Benediction :

May you never stop your dreaming

Love always the goal

May you seek to love the Lord your God

Body, mind and soul

May you take His yoke upon you

As you walk the narrow way

More and more in love with Him

Every single day

May His gladness overtake you

As you follow in His way

May His passion and power

Urge you to stay

Living a life that seems out of control

Energy filled and alive

Soaring like the eagles you will fly

To places you’ve never been

Seeing what others can’t see,

When they look into the sky.

Come with me. Let’s fly

With this prayer for you, I end my blog for now.  I am taking time out to catch up on my sparsely kept journals from the past thirteen  years.  Thank you for reading The Long and Winding Road and encouraging me with your comments.  It may be a few months but in the words of Arnold, “I will be back.”

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