My name is Linda Johnson. I am 53.  I have just recently got over some of my life long complexes and I am FINALLY able to swallow pills without gagging.  I have also decided to join the blogging bloggers of the world who all think that what they have to say is going to be interesting enough for busy people to give a hoot about.  Well, a few years ago I started to write our story for our kids and grandkids.  If they are the only ones who love to read this, I will be more than happy.  They are the ones who have travelled this road with me and have opted to stay on it through thick and thin.

Life is a long (longer for some) and winding road. It is full of hairpin bends and precarious edges.  It is on this road that we experience our freaky-iest and funniest moments.  Some of these I will share with you.

This is an autobiography,  so to get the most from this blog, please go to Post 2  and read it like an upside down book.  Enjoy 🙂

Post 1. Finally!

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  1. Hi Lin,

    Thanks for including me in your link to your Blog site….Wow I love it! Can’t believe how clearly you remember your childhood. Please keep it up I’m finding it so interesting & yes revealing, honest, funny, charming:) Jan xx

  2. Hi Linda… Found your blog because I was googling the church I visited in Mussoorie, having recently come back from a mission trip to India. What a wonderful story to read, so inspiring, especially where at the moment in my own life there have been great highlights, but alot of mysteries still to be revealed. I’ve been enjoying you and Tony’s romance cause I guess I’m semi in that season now….

    Do you have an e-mail address, or can you respond to mine?

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  3. Hello Linda,

    Just came across your blog. Thanks for that. I am writing an article that will reference your Dad. Hope that is ok? As you know Toots Thielemans died today. His iconic piece Bluesette was the theme song to your Dads broadcast. I was so influenced by this that when I had my own radio program here in Belgium I used the same theme song.

    Hope you are well

    Mark Montgomery

    • Hi Mark.. Well fancy that! A blast from the past:) Of course you can reference my dad. I would love to hear what you say about him 🙂
      Thanks for reading my blog. I am going to pick it up sometime soon to keep the story going.

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