Post 2. Life is about living.


Life is about living.  It’s about not being dead.  It is about breathing, eating, sleeping, laughing, crying and everything else we do while we are on this planet.  Life happens as we live it.  That is our choice.  To live life the way we should.

For years friends and family have encouraged me to write a book. I answered with questions, “Why me? What would I write about? Where would I start? How would it end? Who would be interested? Why would they be interested in what I have to say?”

At the beginning of 2009 I got the answers to most of these questions. I was given a laptop with the proviso that I had to start writing a book. History is full of stories and documented adventures for every generation to read.  If I wrote my story down and told of faith adventures and real life sized miracles, who would not find it interesting?  I would write because I can and because I enjoy writing.  I could at least guarantee that my kids would be interested.  That settled that.  I would write for my children and my grand children and great grand children.  I would write to inspire others to write.  We all have stories to tell.  They may be simple and they may be short but they are ours to tell.

I have so enjoyed telling these short stories.  I have found myself laughing and crying as I have remembered my childhood and the stories that took place not long ago.  My childhood memories are vivid.  Those that happened yesterday are not as clear.  I am so thankful to have my journals to remind me of things I would never have remembered.

In less than a year there have been over 35,000 views by people from 70 countries.  It has been amazing to know that my story has reached places I have never been.

“My name is Linda Johnson. I am 53.  I have just recently got over some of my life long complexes and I am FINALLY able to swallow pills without gagging.  I have also decided to join the blogging bloggers of the world who all think that what they have to say is going to be interesting enough for busy people to give a hoot about.  Well, a few years ago I started to write our story for our kids and grandkids.  If they are the only ones who love to read this, I will be more than happy.  They are the ones who have travelled this road with me and have opted to stay on it through thick and thin.

Life is a long (longer for some) and winding road. It is full of hairpin bends and precarious edges.  It is on this road that we experience our freaky-iest and funniest moments.  Some of these I will share with you.”

This is an autobiography.  To get the most from this blog, please scroll up to Post 2  and read it like an upside down book.  Enjoy 🙂

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  1. Wow Lindy, sooooo many memories that I had long forgotten. Please write a blog about us sharing a bedroom. And also our scabby cheeks!!! Hilarious. “Not much money, oh but honey, ain’t we got fun” You are the best sister in the world.

  2. these are my beautiful, my dearest Lin! So glad you are sharing!! I love to learn and laugh in other people’s journeys. Love you and I just want to say that it doesn’t feel like we live in the same city. Must remedy that!

  3. You have a fantastic memory Lind. And you describe some of those events like the trip to the drive in where you dad was a DJ beautifully. It felt like I was there.

    Youuse language well to paint pictures. Your use of short sentances is very powerful. It keeps the readers interest on the point you are making. I like that 🙂

  4. I still remember 2009 summer,you were talking about writing a book of your life journey.
    Thanks for sharing with us 😀 you are true legend and you have inspired me in so many ways.of course all good ways 😀
    love you

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